Your pet will have been given a sedative and a general anaesthetic to ensure total comfort during your pet’s surgery. To aid in any possible soreness after surgery your pet may also have been given a pain relief injection. Therefore keeping them warm and comfortable and observing some of the following points will help aid in their recovery.


The anaesthetic used is administered through an intravenous injection in the front leg and/or by gas through a special tube in the windpipe. Sometimes irritation from this tube may cause a mild cough which usually clears up within 24 hours. If the cough persists we ask that you please CONTACT US. The anaesthetic/sedation may take quite a few hours for the effects to wear off, so your pet may seem drowsy for the following day or so. Dogs and cats with little body fat take longer to recover from anaesthetic so if your pet is lean he/she may take longer to fully “wake up”.


When can I feed my pet?

As your pet may still be quite sleepy they may not feel like eating. If however they are bright and alert and are searching for food a small amount (1/4 – 1/2 normal serve) may be offered, unless otherwise indicated by your Veterinarian. Water must be kept available and feeding as normal can be resumed the following day, unless specified by your Veterinarian.


Pet licking or chewing their stitches?

Our Vet Nurses post operatively have observed your pet and their interest in their wound. Dependent upon their observation and you knowing your pet, some pets will lick and chew their stitches which can cause harm (requiring more surgery) and possible infection. If you think your pet will do this, then we strongly recommend you purchase and get fitted an Elizabethan collar for your pet, BEFORE you leave our surgery.

Once home, if you see your pet licking their wound excessively or pulling at their sutures, you need to contact us IMMEDIATELY. You will need to come in with your pet for assessment by our Vet to ensure no damage to the wound has been done. Some animals have intradermal sutures which means there are no external sutures. These wounds need to be monitored as if they were external stitches.


Care of my pet's wound?

The wound needs to be kept CLEAN AND DRY during the post operative period of about 10 – 14 days. Do not bathe or allow your pet to go swimming during this time and check sutures and bandages daily. Inspect the wound for any signs of discharge, excessive swelling, redness or self-inflicted damage. 


When can I walk my pet?

Dependent upon what surgery has been undertaken, your Vet Surgeon will give you specific instructions on walking and exercise post-operatively. Please ensure you follow these instructions and if you have any questions on this call our Vet Nurses.


If you have ANY concerns please contact Caloundra Vet Surgery on (07) 5492 7997. Please note, our phone is diverted after hours to the Animal Emergency Centre at Tanawha who will assess your pet after hours at their after hour fees.  

Click here for a downloadable PDF version of this information sheet.

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